Reflection and Hello 2022

Serving the needs of children in the Las Vegas community

Reflection and Hello 2022

We are nearing the end of 2nd quarter and we’ve accomplished so much in the past 5 months. We are beyond thankful to our members and officers who selflessly committed their time to serve the Las Vegas community. Before we talk about this years accomplishments, let’s reflect for just a bit. The existence of COVID in the past 2 years had halted several service projects and we really had to think outside of the box to keep things going safely and effectively. Zoom meetings, silly group texting, and virtual parties is what kept us together and happy during these stressful years. We were reminded of how solid our foundation was by the commitment of our members and officers. Finding creative ways to help our kids and community during COVID was a struggle but we managed to do so. We ran a toy drive, we raised funds for a Thai temple that was burnt down, we raised money for a local middle school through ice cream sales with Secret Creamery, and we managed to squeeze in a few social events (with mask and vaccine shots of course) with the group. These are just some highlights of the past 2 years that we’re so proud of. 

Now with 2022 in full swing, volunteering events and social meetings are ramping up. New members are giving us more life and hope to our chapter. We are all fired up and ready to do more this year. Just this past quarter alone, we participated in the Children’s Heart Walk, Goodie Two Shoes, stuffed goodie bags for the homeless, and managed to celebrate our success through our fun social gatherings. We’re constantly brainstorming ways to assist our community and kids. And don’t forget, we’re out here trying to find others who have the same passion as us. Let’s keep moving team and make this year a great one! 

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